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Master of Theological Studies- Biblical Studies

Program Total Number of Credits: 48-60 (depending on previous graduate level relevant courses)

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) is a two-year graduate degree designed to give students an opportunity to acquire focused knowledge in Biblical Studies. The distinctive approach and contributions offer candidates for this degree the opportunity to study and research at the intersection of Biblical Studies and Pentecostal theology.

Degree Requirements:

Biblical Studies Core

  • OT 501 Pentecostal Explorations of the Old Testament (3 Credits)

  • NT 501 Pentecostal Explorations of the New Testament (3 Credits)

  • BH 501 Biblical Hermeneutics (3 Credits)

  • BH 511 Biblical Studies in the Pentecostal Tradition (1 Credit)

  • BH 502 MTS Biblical Studies Capstone(1 Credit)

Historical and Theological Studies

  • Historical and Theological Studies Electives (6 Credits)

Personal Formation

  • SA 801 Pentecostal Foundations for Christian Ministry and Study (3 Credits)

  • SA 802 Community of Faith I (1 Credit)

  • SA 803 Community of Faith II (1 Credit)

  • SA 804 Community of Faith III (1 Credit)

  • SA 805 Community of Faith IV (1 Credit)

Biblical Studies Concentration:

  • GK 501 N.T. Greek I and GK 502 N.T. Greek II* (6 Credits)

  • HB 501 O.T. Hebrew and HB 502 O.T. Hebrew II* (6 Credits)

  • Biblical Studies based upon Greek and/or Hebrew  (12 Credits)

  • Biblical Studies Electives** (12 Credits)

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