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Tuition and Fees

With our collaboration, we are now able to offer competitive tuition costs for quality education.  Many students who enroll in the Master's program are also eligible for scholarships upon acceptance.  Please see the scholarship section for details.

Total Investment (Estimated Tuition and Fees)

Estimates do not include any potential scholarship awards. 

CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (Based upon 6 hours/session)

•    66 hour program - $7,300 ($640/session)


MASTER DEGREE PROGRAMS [not including Th.M.] (Based upon 9 hours/semester)

•    36 hour program - $18,500 ($4,500/semester)
•    48 hour program - $24,500 ($4,500/semester)
•    60 hour program - $30,500 ($4,500/semester)
•    74 hour program - $37,500 ($4,500/semester)
•    80 hour program - $40,600 ($4,500/semester)



•    24 hour program - $14,700 ($4,900/semester)


DOCTOR OF MINISTRY (Based upon 3 year program)

•    30 hour program - $19,000 ($1,885/semester)

Tuition Rates Per Hour, by Program


Tuition $100.00 (per credit hour)


MASTER DEGREE PROGRAMS [not including Th.M.]

1-8 credit hours $498.00 Tuition (per credit hour)
9-16 credit hours $486.00 Tuition (per credit hour)
17 or more credit hours $498.00 (per credit hour)
Audit $249.00 (per credit hour)



Tuition $565.00 (per credit hour)



Tuition $565.00 (per credit hour)

Non-Academic Scholarships Offered:

Newly admitted students may be eligible for scholarships, this list only shows a few notable scholarships that new students may be eligible for. For more information on scholarship eligibility, other scholarships, and financial aid information, click the link.


Care Ministry Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students performing full time ministry on staff at a church. Scholarship is up to $2,000 per year. (3-5 credit hours per semester - $448.00 or 6 or more credit hours per semester $1,000).

New Incoming Student Scholarship

New Incoming Student Scholarship of $2,500.  New students enrolled for the first time may apply. Applicants must be enrolled full time (9 credit hours or more) per semester and complete all required application documents. 

Spousal Tuition Scholarship

Students with a spouse enrolled full-time (9 credit hours or more) may apply for a 50% scholarship up to 6 hours per semester. The scholarship will be applied to spouse enrolled with lesser number of credit hours. 


Pastoral Non-Alumni Scholarship:

Students attending the CHMTS/ PTS in the Doctor of Ministry program that did not graduate with a Master's degree from PTS  and who are pastoring during their terms of study may apply for this scholarship of $1,000 (maximum of $500 per term).

Non-Alumni Scholarship:

Students attending CHMTS/PTS in the Doctor of Ministry program that did not graduate with a Master's degree from PTS may apply for this $500 scholarship. This scholarship is awarded once per academic year. 


For more information on the Post 911 Bill and other veteran benefits, please follow the below link to PTS's specific details: Link.  They also have a financial aid team that will also help you navigate this process.  

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