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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Program Total Number of Credits: 60

The PhD program prepares students to be scholars and teachers of religion and theology, requiring mastery of a specialized field—either Biblical Studies or Theological Studies. The program intends to cultivate a Wesleyan-Pentecostal interpretative perspective as students pursue their study. The program will also include preparation for the teaching vocation through a seminar-style course experience and the process of adequate teaching opportunities, i.e., Teaching Assistant, Teaching Associate, and Instructorship.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon graduation the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced, academic knowledge in the particular area or discipline of theological study,

  2. Demonstrate advanced skills in research methods, competence in critical thinking and constructive reflection, and the ability to use languages germane to the chosen area of specialization,

  3. Demonstrate competence in teaching and forming students,

  4. Develop a constructive Pentecostal scholarship that makes a contribution to the wider communities of global Christianity, and

  5. Integrate scholarship with the formation in the vocational context of a Christian faith community.

Degree Requirements:

In order to complete the PhD degree program, students must complete the followings:

  • 48 credit hours of prescribed coursework, which includes the successful completion of Teaching Assistantship (2 semesters) and Teaching Associateship (2 semesters),

  • Two modern research languages (including additional two biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek, for the Biblical Studies majors),

  • Three preliminary written exams (two exams in the students major field of study and one exam in a related area of study) and an oral exam,

  • Dissertation proposal and public, oral defense of the dissertation proposal

  • Dissertation (12 credit hours) and public, oral defense of the dissertation

** Students must have a prior graduate theology related degree  or MDiv to be considered for admission into this program. 

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