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Master of Theological Studies- Pentecostal Theology

Program Total Number of Credits: 48

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) is a two-year graduate degree designed to give students an opportunity to acquire focused knowledge in a specific theological discipline.  The Pentecostal Theology concentration in the Master of Theological Studies degree program is designed to give students the opportunity to acquire advanced integrative knowledge and skills in Christian theology, with particular focus on constructive theology in the Pentecostal tradition and understanding of the history of Wesleyan-Pentecostal theology and spirituality. A distinctive Wesleyan-Pentecostal hermeneutics is brought to bear in this degree program, offering candidates for this degree the opportunity to study, research, and construct within the Pentecostal tradition but with a view toward addressing the broader issues of the Christian church and the world in various global contexts.

Degree Requirements:

Biblical Studies (9 hours)

  • OT 501 - Pentecostal Explorations of the Old Testament

  • NT 501 - Pentecostal Explorations of the New Testament

  • BH 501 - Biblical Hermeneutics - OR - CF 702 Inductive Bible Study

Historical and Theological Studies Core (16 hours)

  • TS 606 - Introduction to Christian Doctrine

  • TS 607 - Pentecostal Spirituality & Theology

  • HT 607 - Historical Theology

  • HT 643 - History and Theology of the Wesleyan, Holiness and Pentecostal Movements

  • HS 650 - Church of God History & Polity

  • TS 689 - MTS-PT Capstone

Personal Formation for Ministry (7 hours)

  • SA 801 - Pentecostal Foundations for Christian Ministry and Study

  • SA 802 - Community of Faith 1 (Spiritual Disciplines)

  • SA 803 - Community of Faith 2 (Calling and Vocation)

  • SA 804 - Community of Faith 3 (Ethics)

  • SA 805 - Community of Faith 4 (Leadership)

Pentecostal Theology Concentration (16 credits)

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